How was my date?

I know you’re all wondering, how did my date go? Well, it didn’t happen and that was on my own accord. It’s not that I wasn’t ready to start dating again, rather quite the opposite. I am more than willing to be swept off of my feet again and it’s for this exact reason that I cancelled.

Two weeks ago we started talking, and he was wonderful. We held fantastic conversation, and he seemed like someone who could actually catch my attention. Then after a few days when he didn’t ask for a date, I asked him out because I actually have the balls to. Well he said he’d love to, and we planned on going to a local bar that I love going to. So where did it go wrong? He didn’t text me after that. Five days went by which meant two more days before our scheduled date so I texted him to confirm, and he said we were absolutely still on so I felt a little better. Aaaaaand then he didn’t text me at all for two more days. So come Sunday morning (the day we were supposed to meet) and I waited for him to text me to make sure we were still on, or even just see if I was still fucking alive. Well come 3 hours before the date and I didn’t hear a goddamn word so what did I do? I texted him and told him I just wasn’t feeling well and that I couldn’t make it. I totally lied, which I kind of wish I just told him exactly how it was but figured it was his place to find out why I cancelled. He told me to feel better, and it’s been silence ever since.

Now am I ashamed? Absolutely not, and just for the reason I stated above. I’ve honest to god been with so many fuckboys that love to waste my time that I won’t even spend a couple hours with someone on a first date if I see even one red flag. His red flag was simply the effort he was, or wasn’t, willing to put into getting to know me. If he doesn’t want to get to know me, then nor do I. Just because we had a date planned doesn’t mean he had it in the bag so I waved goodbye and am onto the next.

In this dating game, we have to know exactly what we want and what we’re willing to deal with. It ain’t a pretty world out there, and that’s okay… we just need to stick to our mission. Mine? To find a man who is man enough to date someone as much as me. Yeah I’m needy, have high standards, and have a mean glare if you cross me but baby I know for damn sure I’m worth it. In the words of my hot therapist, “it’s time you let a man in who is man enough to know what he’s winning with you”. Ya damn skippy beard man, ya damn skippy.

-Your sassy (and just fine being single) blogger, Gabby


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