The Era of Dating Has Begun

Look out y’all! Gabby is going on a date tomorrow, and she is kind of excited and maybe also a little terrified. It’s been over a year since I went on a date with someone I didn’t already know and I am already wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into but no stopping me now, I won’t let myself bail. Let me tell you what I expect from this date.

First off, let me start by saying that people’s comments on his looks are HILARIOUS. Of course I had to show his Bumble profile to my friends, and this is a compilation of reactions- “Why does he look so sad?!” “Why are you going on a date with a black bear?!” “His beanie makes him look like he belongs on the Burnside Bridge” and last but not least, “Now THAT was a hard Mexican U-Turn from your usual” which of course all had me dying of laughter… And they’re all kind of true. I will admit, he is not my usual type (tall with blue eyes and blonde hair), but something about him clicks with me! He’s got a scruffy beard (the bear comment), indeed has really sad eyes (which I must say sucked me in for some reason), and wears work boots in all of his pictures. He’s definitely a hard Mexican u-turn from the usual basic fuckboys out here but I have a good feeling about him.

Why, you  may ask? At one point we were talking about our drinks of choice and his is whiskey (I mean is anyone surprised?), and mine of course was wine. I started talking about how fascinated I am even with the process of how wine is made, and how I dream of owning my own vineyard one day. Of course after I babbled on I said “but anyways I could go on for decades about wine” and instead of changing the subject as I expected him to he said “well shit, tell me more then”. That one comment instantly made me realize I would be down for a date, and made me really excited. Show me one guy who is selfless enough to let his girl go on about a topic that she loves? Anyone? I didn’t think so.

So yes, I may be going on a date with a cute, and sad bear of sorts but I am stoked. I’m expanding my horizons y’all, so who knows what kind of man I’ll end up with next. Stay tuned, I’ll post an update on Monday about how it went.

P.S. We’re going to my go-to hole in a wall bar where groups of men hang out after a hard day of work and it’s totally not a date spot. Now let’s see how he can handle himself in a game of pool against me, and how strong he takes his drink.




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