To My Girls

Hello All!

It’s 8am and I got a little wine happy last night so I’m suffering from a bit of a pulsing headache, but besides that life is good! Well, life is crazy hectic while I move in with my brother, and we continue renovations on the house but even through the stress I am doing my best to look at the bright side of everything. Last night I was in the most blissful state for the first time in weeks and I’m sure it has something to do with the red wine, but I think it’s mostly the people I’ve surrounded myself with.

I was face timing my best friend while we watched the Bachelorette (Can you believe Jojo sent Luke and Chase home?! My heart, it hurts!) and munched on popcorn. We shared sarcastic remarks, screams of disbelief, and most of all laughs. It was fantastic. I even got my brother and his best friend to watch it with me while they shoveled away beer after beer. They made it about halfway through before they shuffled outside to get their man cards back, it was great.

This morning as I swallow a whole bottle of Excedrin, and keep my Gatorade close by it dawned on me that friendships like this one are vital to anyone’s sanity. Through the most difficult time of my life I can escape by always counting on my friends to make me laugh. This vital part of life was missing for me a few years ago when I lost myself in my relationship with my ex, and it wasn’t until now that I realized that. Sometimes when we are engulfed in love or lust, we tend to fall behind on developing our friendships with the people who we know will always be in our life, judgement free. Constantly building a loving relationship, and attempting to intertwine your entire life with someone else’s tends to leave little room for family or friends and that is a damn shame. As happy or unhappy as I may have been in that relationship, there were many times I felt completely alone and I still hesitated to pick up the phone to dial my friends. Maybe it was the feeling of guilt because I knew I let those friendships suffer, or it may have been the fear of judgement passed on to me.

Either way, I was in the wrong since I hadn’t taken the time I should have to connect with my dear friends. I was lucky enough to be mostly welcomed back into open arms when that relationship ended, and I am still grateful for that to this day. As a single girl, I definitely take much more time to cultivate those friendships, but I still can’t promise perfection. Life gets in the way, and I’m bound to drop a few things here and there when I’m juggling so many things. Though I can admit this, I will also promise to continue to do my best to be the best friend I can be. I know I am so incredibly lucky to have amazing friends, and I can only hope that I’ve given someone the happiness they’ve given me. To my girls, my partners in crimes, my main bish, my unbiological sisters, my soul sisters, my best friends; I seriously love the shit out of you guys. You know who you are! Cheers to you beauties! 13495128_10201956093459723_1084236854949798001_n


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